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BlueBrass® is a lead-free brass alloy

  • with a selectively adjusted proportion of α- and β- phases, which are adapted to the customer' s products and processes in combination with precipitation hardening.
  • with good cutting properties for machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling etc.
  • with improved technological properties, e.g. tensile strength, cold and warm formability, crimpability, torque characteristics and relaxation resistance.
  • with physical properties comparable to leaded machining brass, such as corrosion resistance and conductivity.
  • with environmentally compatible and non-toxic alloying elements which can be mixed with existing recycling circuits.


  • BlueBrass® is based on alloying elements customary in brass.
  • In the alloyed partitions, the elements contained are miscible in every brass foundry with chips from alloys currently in use.
  • Guidelines and legal specifications already define the use of lead-free alloys in many areas. These are monitored in shorter and shorter intervals and made more stringent. It is thus expected that the RoHS („Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment”) and the ELV („Directive on End of Life Vehicles”) will set new parameters as early as July 2021. BlueBrass® already fulfils the set requirements, without exemptions.


BlueBrass® is characterised by good chip control.
Comparison of chips
Chips BlueBrass® Chips CuZn39Pb3 Chips CuZn36

A 6mm round wire was used as a work piece and was turned lengthwise. The cutting depth is 0.5mm, the feed rate is 0.1mm/U and the cutting speed is 150m/min.

Microstructure 1 Microstructure 2

A significant feature of the alloy is that its copper percentage by weight is smaller than 59 %. The moderate alloying of further elements leads to a two-phase α/β microstructure. The material was developed for machining on account of its optimal arrangement of the phases in combination with some precipitations (Fe, Si, Mn).


The good electrical conductivity of BlueBrass® enables optimal utilisation in current-carrying components.

Workability & corrosion resistance

BlueBrass® opens up new possibilities for component manufacturing with the combination of high strength and good workability together with good machinability.

Tensile strength Ultimate strain

The stress cracking corrosion resistance (inspected in accordance with EN 14977:2006) and the dezincification resistance (inspected in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6509:1995) of BlueBrass® are comparable to those of conventional CuZn39Pb3.

The BlueBrass® Alloy Family

BlueBrass® family

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BlueBrass® unlocks new potential for processing plants and for the central target markets in the automotive industry, electrical engineering, the electrical industry, construction and air conditioning technology.

BlueBrass® is offered on the basis of the metal quotation for Ms 58 on the metal exchange.


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